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JournalistMedia Relations built on experience

Companies often make the mistake of “spamming” journalists with press releases that are not relevant to their readers. At Phiness PR we aim to become part of your team, learning as much as we can about your company so that we can tailor information to make it useful to individual journalists. Over time, this helps to build a working relationship with the press, encouraging them to come back to your company for comment on industry issues and news. In turn, this allows you to communicate with your prospects, partners and potential employees. 

Phiness PR can help you to raise the profile of your company or product in the press by

  • introducing your spokespeople to the journalists that are covering your business area
  • helping you to provide timely authoritative comment on topical issues
  • drafting bylines and placing them in target publications
  • conducting a customer case study programme
  • co-ordinating product reviews
  • arranging press meetings at industry events
  • seeking speaking opportunities at industry events
What editors say about Phiness PR:

“I have known Josie Pearson for just over a year and have been impressed with her ability to generate ideas for articles that will appeal to the readership of Policing Today. As a freelance PR dealing with diverse companies, she is able to cover a wide range of topical issues, drawing on expert comment from police forces and their suppliers.” Peter Shipley, editor, Policing Today

"I first met Josie when I was a journalist. Since then, she has mentored me and helped me find my dream job. Josie's number one still has to be networking, which comes from her uncontrollable desire to help people.” 
Liton Ali, Director, Henshall Centre

“Josie Pearson's motto has always been to "overdeliver" and as a public relations professional she never disappoints in delivering clear, concise messaging for her clients in the global media. Cloning her would quadruple her business output since she already works twice as hard as any of her closest competitors.”
Scott McCulloch, Editor-in-Chief, Financial Media, Campden Publishing

“I was very impressed with the terrier-like way you dug out that story on Baysian maths and cardiology for the Times.”
Peter Warren, freelance journalist

“I knew very little about InterSystems Caché before I went to the conference. As a direct result of going, and of the help that Josie provided in arranging meetings with the right people, I have become convinced that the readers of the columns I write would benefit from hearing about the product. So for example, the next database column for PCW is going to be about object-oriented databases (and hence Caché).” 
Dr Mark Whitehorn, PCW columnist, university lecturer and database expert