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Analysts are a very influential audience in your marketing programme. Kim Horner, analyst relations trainer and founder of CustomerClix, describes analysts as, “the start and end of the buying cycle”. This means that companies that are planning to invest in software and hardware, will consult analyst reports at the very start of their research and just prior to making their selection, so it’s important to keep them up to date on what you are offering to the market. Analysts should be regularly briefed by your senior executives to keep them informed of your company strategy; customers; key partners and product roadmap. It is advisable to brief the analyst community every six months and more frequently if your company has an important change to announce to the market, such as an acquisition or merger.

Phiness PR has been managing analyst relations programmes for high tech, B2B clients for more than a decade and can help your company to quickly identify the senior analysts covering your market area, so that you can brief them on your company’s offerings and differentiators.

What analysts say about us:

“Josie provides the perfect level of relationship between her clients and analysts – not too much as to overload, but sufficient to keep the flow of information fresh and intelligently directed.  A smart and professionally delivered service that benefits all parties.”  
Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst, Communication, Collaboration and Convergence,  Quocirca Ltd

“I have known Josie Pearson for a number of years as a result of interviewing several of her clients during my time as a journalist, including Marshal8e6, Synchronica and Antenna Software. I have always found her to be a responsive PR with an understanding of how journalists work and what they need.”
Rik Turner, Senior Analyst, IT Infrastructure Solutions, Ovum

“I first worked with Josie Pearson when I was at IDC and she was running the analyst relations programme for RightNow Technologies and other high tech B2B clients.  I have found her to be intelligent, honest and full of common sense, developing positive relationships with industry analysts.  I have already recommended her services to a number of organisations and will continue to do so.” 
Kim Crosby, Analyst Relations Consultant, CustomerClix